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Client service isn't everything, it's the only thing

You would think being an investment firm that OMC would only be concerned about money, but that isn’t the case. Money is what people bring to us to invest, but what is most significant is that we help our clients achieve what is important to them: planning for a comfortable retirement, educating their children, purchasing their dream home, helping their grandchildren or maybe giving money to the charity of their choice. Everyone has a goal or dream.

If 30 years of experience has taught us anything, it’s that life goes up and down, just as financial markets do. Things happen that are unexpected. It happens to all of us. Adjustments have to be made. Investment strategies may have to be changed. Our job is guiding you through those times and still keeping your investments on track. Think of us as your pilot who gets you through the storm and lands safely.

Our investment philosophy is simple. Protect principal as much as possible and, over time, provide returns consistent with that philosophy. If you are looking for home runs or an aggressive investment strategy, OMC probably is not right for you. If you want a partner, not just an investment advisor, then, Let’s Talk.

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